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Keeping the Party Safely Rolling...

Updated: Aug 10, 2020

Seriously... keep those wheels rolling because we're talking about drive-by celebrations!

The most popular celebration with our clients right now is what we like to call the hybrid event. Immediate family can enjoy backyard festivities and then transition to the front yard to wave to friends driving by to celebrate. This way you can include everyone for the special day!

Hybrid drive-by events are becoming more and more popular as we are still adhering to local shelter-in-place orders, staying safe and including your friends and family in your celebrations!


Our favorite aspects to a successful no contact party!

Yard Signs and Balloon Arches

We love these drive-by events that our clients have planned with custom yard signs and balloon arches to enhance their front yards. Balloon arches are the most colorful way to make any event photogenic for your social media platforms.

Check out Sign Gypsies for the custom yard signs!

Party Favors

For our hybrid events, take-out favors can either contain the same meal you're planning on eating with guests, a smaller meal or (my personal favorite) just something sweet or salty.

These custom cookies are a beautiful way to continue on your event theme not to mention delicious thanks to Nancy at I Dream of Cookies!

Some of our most popular options are popcorn or trail mix with mini cookies, an individual charcuterie platter, or a small lunch take out style!

Relax and Enjoy..

Credit: Photo from Paper City

Of course we want the guest of honor to be able to comfortably enjoy the celebration. So bring on out your favorite chair, some outdoor lounge furniture from the backyard, set up some shade and bring on the cars!

At one of our hybrid events for a baby shower, our mommy-to-be sat outside and opened presents with the immediate family that attended the backyard party portion while other friends and family drove by honking and waving. It was a great way to keep everyone involved!

We can rent umbrellas or pop-up tents and even lounge furniture such as couches and chairs to make the driveway or front yard feel extra special for your guest of honor or the whole family to enjoy the cars driving by!

If you're just planning on being a guest...

Check out these tips/ideas on how to decorate your car to participate in a drive-by party - keep in mind to drive slow... may not want to take the freeway with these exterior decorations!

Everything listed below can be found at your local dollar tree to keep this creative idea in anyone's budget!

  • Painter's Tape

  • 54x104" Table Covers

  • Assorted Artificial Floral Bushes

  • Assorted Pinwheels

  • Dress-Up Wings & Crown

  • Straw Hat

  • Poster Board Sheets

  • 78-pc. Die-Cut Paper Poster Letters

  • Glue Sticks

  • Poster Border Stickers

  • 2-pk. Streamers

Helpful Hints:

  1. Roll windows down slightly on passenger side to insert floral bushes and pinwheel sticks. Roll the windows back up to help secure. If you decide to not hold the pinwheels, use painter's tape to secure the sticks to the windows for extra stability.

  2. Make table cover sashes by tying their ends to the car's spoiler and to the base of the side-view mirror. Secure streamers to spoiler or car window with painter's tape.

  3. Create a butterfly with wings and a hat by using elastic from wings to secure both to the side view mirror, making sure not to obscure the mirror.

  4. Poster board letters should be glued using a glue stick. Boards can be held or secured directly to the glass (only) with border stickers.

Credit to the Dollar Tree for the budget-friendly idea!

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