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Aargh- A Halloween Party to Walk The Plank for.

Updated: Nov 1, 2022

We just catered a Halloween party for the ages. Thank you Robyn Cerutti & Randy Hays, it was so much fun to be included in the European Paving Designs Halloween party for employees/kids, family, friends and neighbors.

If you could transform your home to Disneyland’s Pirates of the Caribbean, this is how you would do it. Robyn & Randy built an actual pirate ship over their greenhouse and garden complete with fighting pirates, dueling cannons, and a pirate walking the plank (Randy reminded us that this was his only idea!). And of course they had a palm reader, sword swallower, exotic dancers, DJ & dance floor, a movie and more. Including we might add, perfect pirate grub and coordination from The Party Helpers. Aargh- enough talk, here are the pictures that tell the story:

Robyn & Randy want to add additional thanks to the following companies who made their party extra special:

Rick Hearns Productions

Flower Divas

Dance Center

Danny Thomas Party Rentals

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