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7 Ways To Make Group Food Orders More Healthy

Here is a great article from Registered Dietitian Kelsey Gonzalez who has been featured on our Facebook Page with her series “Cooking with Kelsey”. Full disclosure, Kelsey is Kristin’s daughter who has been inspired by the healthy choices from The Party Helpers over the years.

As we all plan to go back to the office at some point, or have small groups to serve, her “7 Ways” applies for any group, and also your family!

She shares “What makes a meal healthy?” and that "a healthy diet can raise productivity levels by up to 20%. On the other hand, employees with unhealthy diets can be 66% more likely to report reduced job performance"

Check out these tips to inspire your team or your family to consider healthier options for your next group order. See tip #5 where she mentions The Party Helpers!

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