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4-Day Innovation Event for Nextflex- Corporate Events Are Coming Back!

Nextflex just hosted a daily breakfast, lunch, and reception for 100 people Monday-Thursday, outside with all safety precautions, catered by you know who- The Party Helpers. It was a great success!

How do you entertain 100 key people four days straight? With different, delicious menus at every session… 12 in all. The Party Helpers was up to the challenge for Nextflex and their guests. Most sessions were hosted at the beautiful Blach event center.

Every day was fresh and different. We did a variety of breakfast sandwiches, a yogurt bar, and fresh fruit for breakfasts.

Lunches were different as well: one lunch was a Tex-Mex style with grilled chicken, pulled pork, mango salad, black bean, grilled corn, tomato salad, tortillas and fajita toppings and a vegan black bean butternut squash chili. Another was grilled tri-tip, grilled vegetables, and fresh greens salads with grilled peaches, Yukon gold potato salad and garlic bread. Yet another lunch was a salad bar with caprese salad, vegan black rice salad, grilled prawn skewers, grilled chicken, pesto pasta salad, spinach salad, and green bean salad.

The nightly networking receptions were all passed hors d’oeuvres, different daily with selections such as charcuterie cones, Belgian endive with gorgonzola and caramelized onions, smoked salmon lollipops, mini beef wellingtons and spiced prawns with tzatkiki.

Thank you to everyone. It is truly great to be back!

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