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Spring SampleMenus

Cantaloupe Gazpacho

with fresh mint

Spinach Salad

with papaya, sherry soaked cherries, fresh berries, roasted almonds and sherried bing cherry vinaigrette with fried polenta wedge garnish

Miso Grilled Salmon​

with cucumber-daikon relish

Herbed Quinoa

with spring peas, grilled veggies served warm

Blue Lake Bean Salad

with corn, cherry tomatoes, peas, and lemony vinaigrette

Grilled Asparagus

with light olive oil, garlic salt, and roasted peppers


Crab and Corn Bisque

with Chanterelle mushrooms and pancetta

Fava Bean Bruschetta

with tarragon Manchego cheese melt

Spring Greens

with caramelized walnuts, fresh berries, oranges, Gorgonzola and raspberry vinaigrette 

Parmesan Crusted Chicken

boneless chicken breast, dipped in Dijon marinade and dredged with fresh Parmesan, minced parsley, garlic and thyme drizzled with honey mustard sauce 

Black Rice Salad

with edamame, chick peas, pear tomatoes, asparagus and lemony vinaigrette

Luscious Lemon Mousse Tart

with mango puree

Caramel Rockslide Brownie
Sip Cup

with angel food cake, fresh berries, and vanilla whipped cream

Red velvet doughnut with savory goat cheese and pistachio sprinkle 

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