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15 Fun Holiday Office Party Ideas Post Covid.

Covid is over (almost) and many of you are thinking of having Holiday Office Parties again. Yeah! Finally! Following are 15 new and fun Ideas for your office holiday party this year:

You can read the detailed article here, but the following is the short summary to get you started:

1. Plan Some Outrageous Entertainment

2. Do a Holiday Craft With Your Employees

3. Family Day at the Office

4. Create a Holiday Cocktail Competition

5. Play Team Building Games

6. Host a Multicultural Trivia Night

7. Volunteer Together & Spread the Gift of Goodwill

8. Throw a Costume or Themed Party

9. Have a Holiday-Themed Potluck

10. Holiday Healthiest

11. Organize Gag Gift Exchange

12. Organize a Simple Talent Competition

13. Host a Holiday Karaoke

14. Run a Holiday 5k

15. Hire Snacks and Beverage Caterer

These are all great ideas, but whatever you have in mind The Party Helpers is here to help. We are booking up fast for Holiday Parties so call or email us today to reserve your spot and get your holiday started.

Call 408-435-7337 or email

Thank You, and Happy Holidays1

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